Centrik provides complete cloud-based management of your operations.

Total aviation management software

Centrik is an intuitive cloud-based software solution which covers all aspects of aviation management, and can truly revolutionise the way a business operates.

The system, which can be accessed on any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, integrates all aspects of operations and provides comprehensive reporting functions.

It allows board directors a comprehensive overview of operations at all times, while other staff can be assigned security access levels relevant to their post to ensure they can effectively and efficiently communicate with the whole team regardless of time and location.

Developed by experienced aviation specialists and world-class software developers, Centrik manages the most important areas of your business.


Centrik takes the concept of electronic flight bags to a whole new level.

  • See every single electronic flight bag within your business, when they were last updated, and who’s been reviewing them.
  • Notify pilots and flight crews about messages they need to read,
  • Download automatically when an internet connection is available for later offline access


Everything you need to check and manage the quality of your operations at the click of a mouse or touch of a screen.

  • Assign tasks to team members and suppliers and easily follow up
  • Schedule and record internal and external audits
  • Track according to heatmaps and KPIs
  • Share audit information direct with the CAA


It’s never been easier to have a complete Safety Management System ready for your operations.

  • All safety reports stored in a central database for ease of access
  • Paper-free filing of safety reports
  • Automated risk assessment according to ARMS
  • Share reports direct with the CAA


A complete training record for every single member of staff, allowing you to see instantly who has which qualification, and who needs to renew their training.

  • Manage CPD across all staff members regardless of job role
  • Central database of training records that shows complete assessment results
  • Alerts when training certificates are about to expire, so you can manage refresher courses
  • Handy checklists of core competencies show at a glance where there’s room to improve


Make sure that any potential risks are monitored, measured and acted upon before they become a problem or threaten your compliance and safety

  • Paper-free risk assessment
  • Easily share reports, allocate action and follow up on activities
  • Heatmaps to quickly show where there is room for improvement or a need for urgent action
  • File and read reports wherever you are in the world


Make the most of meetings.

  • Record minutes and action lists
  • Track activities across the company
  • Ensure everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities and can be held accountable for their actions

To maximise the outcomes of meetings, Centrik provides a module dedicated to minutes and action lists. This ensures everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities and is accountable for their actions. All activities across the business can be easily tracked so directors have total transparency across all departments.

Case Study: London Executive Aviation

London Executive Aviation (LEA), one of Europe’s largest business aviation charter operators, has radically improved the efficiency of its management systems after adopting Total AOC’s Centrik software solution.

The Essex-based flight provider, which runs a fleet of eight different aircraft types ranging from the King Air 200 to Legacy 650s, had trialled two alternative systems to manage operations before streamlining processes with Centrik.

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  • "With Centrik we have a foolproof system which covers everything. That has eased our workload and enables us to run the business as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible."

    George Galanopoulos, Managing Director, London Executive Aviation


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