5th November 2014

Total AOC has helped ensure the safety of staff for a global logistics company operating in Colombia, by auditing the South American country’s commercial aviation operators.

The team from Total AOC spent several days with seven operators, conducting a variety of audits and compiling reports on crucial elements such as company safety culture, regulatory compliance, training and overall operations.

The project was carried out for Impala, the logistics subsidiary of global commodity trader Trafigura, with the view of supporting Trafigura’s enterprises in Colombia.

Kasyan Bartlett, Director, International Flight Solutions, who brought in Total AOC for the audit, explains: “Impala often has a need to transport senior executives across the country and there was concern about the proficiency of some of the operators. That’s why Total AOC was brought in, to put together a comprehensive audit to ensure Impala was using the right companies to transport its people.”

Aviation in Colombia faces particular challenges, such as a real need for twin engine aircraft, questions over due diligence on aircraft ownership, and flights over jungle routes with a small threat from paramilitary forces operating on the ground.

Bartlett says: “This kind of work requires significant attention to detail, and Total AOC didn’t disappoint. The team put together a very comprehensive report and we were pleased to work with an organisation that has such a breadth and depth of knowledge in aviation.”

He adds: “In particular, the team was prepared to get on board the aeroplanes in question and really make sure everything was operating to the correct standard. It’s been good to have a team on board who can really prove they’ve done the job properly.”

As a result of the audit, Impala was able to select three fixed-wing and rotary operators for its transport requirements – Helistar, Helicol and Aer Caribe – which operate aircraft ranging from small aeroplanes to large 30-seater regional carriers.


Notes to editor:

Total AOC is a team of aviation experts who offer a full support service to private and commercial operators. Their services include setting up an AOC, writing manuals, providing training and acting as post holders.

Total AOC’s innovative cloud-based software, Centrik, allows clients to enjoy truly paperless AOC management and helps ensure regulatory compliance.

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