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4th February 2014

2014 will see some major changes in the way AOC & Private operators are regulated as the European safety body, EASA, takes over some of the functions of the UK CAA. The new EASA-OPS regulations became law in October last year and all European operators have until October this year to comply. All UK operators who wish to carry out training following a failure of a candidate or retrain a pilot who has expired will have to acquire ATO approval by the end of April or run the risk of using an ATO over which they have little control.

To comply with the EASA regulations, UK operators are having to make some significant changes to the structure and content of their operating manuals. The CAA has suggested that those changes are submitted for assessment by April. Operators will also need to be ready for Phase 2 SMS and make various other provisions by the deadline.

Many operators don’t have the capacity to deal with this extra workload, and so have been outsourcing this task to companies such as ours which specialise in upgrading and maintaining AOC documentation. In recent weeks we have been contacted by a number of airlines asking for advice on what is required and how long it could take.

In fact, all operators should have already submitted their timescale for the transition to the new rules to their FOI. Time is rapidly running out for those who have not yet initiated the switch.

At Total AOC we can carry out a full review of your operations manuals and make the necessary changes to comply with the new regulations. We can also show you the option of moving to a completely paperless system, using our dedicated AOC software suite Centrik.

If you need help with any aspects of the transition to EASA, or just want to chat through the options, why not give us a call or send an email?

Julian Tubb
Total AOC

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