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15th May 2014

Interesting story in the latest issue (May) of European Business Air News discussing EASA regulations. Jon Walker’s comments re some operators believing it is ‘a mere re-jigging of the rules…whereas it is in fact much of a philosophical change which is required’ has certainly been borne out in the discussions we have had and are having with companies.

Some of you may be aware that we hosted an event at the end of March for numerous AOC holders, where Jon Walker was the keynote speaker. It became clear during that event that AOC operators take safety and the structure of their business very seriously, but often feel constrained by EASA legislation. A general sentiment that it can often be a box ticking exercise rather than creating and building a management and safety structure that works for their organisation.

Many though came away from the day with a mindset that the enforced changes provide an opportunity to deliver the root and branch safety and management system they have been looking for.

With the right processes and systems put in place now the future could be much less bureaucratic than it has been at any other time. The knowledge, templates and long term simplicity is there for the taking and there is no better time to make those changes than at this transitional period.

For many of the operators we spoke to and work with the Centrik system provides that easy to use, dedicated, bespoke management system for any aviation business.

Ollie Roffey
Total AOC Solutions

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