Ensure your operations comply with the required standards with audits by qualified aviation experts.

Whether you want an independent audit of your operation, or any of your suppliers, we can help.

Our team members have experience with large and small organisations and understand the importance of professionalism, discreetness and respect whilst auditing – a task sometimes viewed with concern or suspicion.

We are there to help you identify inefficiencies and non-compliance with regulation or best practice to ensure your organisation reaches and exceeds regulatory standards which with risk based oversight may result in reduced audit input by the regulator..

In addition to conducting internal auditing we are also able to conduct external/supplier audits including airports, handling agents, training providers, engineering facilities etc.

Our audit teams continue to work around the world in all sectors of the aviation industry including scheduled airlines, charter operators, ATO, engineering and airports for both rotary and fixed wing.


Line Operations Safety Audits (LOSA) offer a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ look at how safe and compliant an operator is. By identifying threats to safety, LOSA enables operators to minimise risks and manage human error.

A data-driven monitoring programme, LOSA is based on Threat and Error Management (TEM) and is closely linked with Crew Resource Management (CRM) training. The data highlights exemplary performance to provide benchmarks for training.

LOSA collects data by deploying highly trained observers in the cockpit on ‘normal’ flights. Seeing first-hand how a flight crew behaves and responds to real-life situations is the best way to build effective safety strategies.

Total AOC can implement or oversee LOSA by:

  • Writing LOSA programme
  • Planning LOSA programme
  • Constructing LOSA Checklist
  • Collating LOSA feedback and presenting findings to senior management
  • Suggesting changes to your operation based on LOSA Feedback
  • Amending or adjusting LOSA as the programme matures

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Case Study: Flyme

Flyme operates a range of turboprops to provide connections between the multiple islands that make up the Maldives, plus its unique luxury Seeplane for sightseeing and shark-spotting.

The team from Total AOC travelled to the Maldivian capital, Malé, to audit flight operations, ground operations and cabin standards for quality and safety.

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  • "This kind of work requires significant attention to detail, and Total AOC didn’t disappoint. The team put together a very comprehensive report and we were pleased to work with an organisation that has such a breadth and depth of knowledge in aviation."

    Kasyan Bartlett, Director, International Flight Solutions

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