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"Centrik is the easiest to use, most intuitive and best management system I’ve worked with."

Will Curtis, Managing Director, Biggin Hill

Rotary AOC

"Total AOC made it a lot simpler for us. We have all moved into the EASA world now and it would be tough to do this without Centrik."

Ross Bunyard, Managing Director, Castle Air


"Centrik has been essential in allowing us to become one of the first airports to implement SMS Phase 2 Compliance."

Will Curtis, Managing Director, Biggin Hill Airport


"Total AOC’s Centrik system offers us everything we need in one system, which has really simplified our processes."

George Galanopoulos, Managing Director, London Executive Aviation


"Centrik one of the most intuitive and easy to use management systems in the world."

Bruce Dickinson, Chairman, Cardiff Aviation


"We just love the simplicity and functionality of the software. If we hadn’t used Centrik, we couldn’t be where we are now."

Andy Wilkinson, Maintenance Manager, CSE Citation Centre


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