9th March 2015

Think you don’t need Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)? Think again.

Currently, any aircraft weighing more than 27,000 kg has to mandatorily incorporate FDM, and this threshold is likely to become lighter in future. Therefore, more operators are going to need a solution in the years to come and it pays to look at this sooner rather than later.

However, it’s not just those who will have to comply with legislation who should look at FDM. When interpreted by experts, it’s a vital tool to help improve training programmes, cut insurance premiums and boost safety.

Total AOC offers a full FDM monitoring and interpretation service. We are experts in both corporate and commercial aviation so we truly understand how to make the most of the data collected during a flight and how to adapt training programmes to bring out the very best in your pilots.

Our system is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible – there’s no voice recording or cameras, just the parameters of the aircraft. And because we conduct the analysis impartially, there’s no danger of pilots feeling like Big Brother is watching them.

Anyone who’s looking at making their management ‘smarter’ through software, such as our cloud-based operations management solution, Centrik, should really look at how they can further support their operations through FDM.

Contact Total AOC on 01959 543204 or visit to find out more on how we can ensure FDM can be used for boosting your safety and efficiency, and can help your pilots become even better while lowering your insurance costs.

Julian Tubb
Total AOC

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