1st July 2015

With the EASA transition now complete, it’s the perfect time for operators to look at how additional approvals, such as EFBs and PRNAV can boost their business.

That’s why now is the time to call Total AOC. Operators can have all their regulatory challenges handled by true industry experts, with strong backgrounds as postholders across the industry.

The process of setting up a full EFB system can be daunting, but with the right support, the process can be simple and easy, leaving operators free to fly. Total AOC provides a full EFB implementation service, handling everything from the initial application to the final full approval. This incorporates manual writing and risk assessment assistance, and the company also provides support throughout the trial and through the final approval stages.

Once the documents are complete, Total AOC also offers a complete system that not only allows easy management of EFBs, but also all areas of AOC management, in the form of Centrik. The cloud-based software is accessible to approved users on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones, making it ideal for EFB use, but also means it’s easy to file safety reports, complete compliance audits, delegate responsibilities from meetings and much more.

Meanwhile, if PRNAV approval is hot on your agenda – and it should be because as well as increasing safety and efficiency, it helps you stay more competitive because you will then still be able to operate at the many airports which either currently or plan to mandate its use – Total AOC handles all aspects of the process, helping to develop and deliver the procedures and training an operator needs to take advantage of the latest advances in technology.

Don’t let this crucial opportunity to get your additional approvals pass you by.

Contact Total AOC on 01959 543204 or visit to solve all your regulatory needs.

Julian Tubb
Total AOC

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