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Busy operators and airports need support 12th December 2014

As if there was ever any doubt about the complexity of aviation operations, the challenges facing operators and airports alike are perfectly illustrated in a composite photo taken by a resident living near New York’s LaGuardia airport. In the space of one hour, Paul Ker counted nearly 40 jets cruising in to land between 1pm and 2pm – that’s one every 90 seconds. Granted, LaGuardia isn’t exactly a small…

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Planning for the long haul 21st November 2014

Good news this week with some optimistic plans for Cardiff Airport, aiming to turn the regional airport into a trans-Atlantic connection point. It’s a timely discussion. Without wanting to delve too deeply into politics, if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last few months, it’s that there’s a genuine desire in different parts of the country to assert themselves while London takes the stage. And with that in…

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Making connections 8th September 2014

Aviation is all about connections – be it the ones passengers make between flights, brokers make with charter firms, or suppliers make with operators. With that in mind, we at Total AOC are looking to build on the great connections we already have in our industry. For some time now we’ve had a LinkedIn presence, but we have now cleared our new and improved LinkedIn page for take-off, and invite…

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In the news 15th May 2014

Interesting story in the latest issue (May) of European Business Air News discussing EASA regulations. Jon Walker’s comments re some operators believing it is ‘a mere re-jigging of the rules…whereas it is in fact much of a philosophical change which is required’ has certainly been borne out in the discussions we have had and are having with companies. Some of you may be aware that we hosted an event at…

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Becoming more cultured 26th April 2014

Advertising guru David Ogilvy used to say that the assets of an ad agency go up and down with the elevator each day. The same is true of aviation operators: we are only as good as our people. But recruiting, training and motivating good individuals are only part of the challenge: you also have to create the right corporate culture. The problem is that ‘corporate culture’ is an intangible concept…

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Learning from mistakes 13th February 2014

The current flooding crisis has led to some of those involved to start playing the blame game. In fact David Cameron is reported to have told cabinet ministers to stop pointing fingers at the Environment Agency; inevitably, his opposite number has waded in and has himself pointed a finger at the blame game players on the other side of the House. While it is understandable for members of the public…

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Are you ready for the change? 4th February 2014

2014 will see some major changes in the way AOC & Private operators are regulated as the European safety body, EASA, takes over some of the functions of the UK CAA. The new EASA-OPS regulations became law in October last year and all European operators have until October this year to comply. All UK operators who wish to carry out training following a failure of a candidate or retrain a…

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