Worried about Part-NCC? We’ve got the Xpress answer

15th February 2016

August might seem far away, but time is running out for operators to avoid getting caught out by the new Part-NCC requirements. Thankfully, we’ve got an answer that makes it easy to comply.

If you’re operating an aircraft (either fixed-wing or rotary) with a take-off weight exceeding 5,700kg, or certified to carry more than 19 passengers, or requiring a minimum of two crew, or equipped with a turbojet or more than one turboprop engine, you need to make sure your operations are Part-NCC compliant, with a management system that incorporates a Safety Management System, an operations manual, and a declaration.

That might seem daunting, which is why we’ve developed a guaranteed route to instant, off-the-shelf compliance. Developed from Centrik, our industry-leading complete operational management system, Centrik Xpress is our cloud-based management system for Part-NCC operators, with modules for Document Management and EFB, Safety Management, Compliance/Quality (required by certain regulators) and Training. Simply having and using Centrik Xpress means you’ll meet the requirements – there genuinely is no quicker and easier way to comply and fly.

However, the support doesn’t stop there. If you’re wondering how you’re going to get all your manuals rewritten to comply with the regulations, we’re here to help. We’ve drafted and had approved more than 175 manuals in the past 16 months alone – so you can be sure that with Total AOC, you can get the manual rewrites you need, in plenty of time for the deadline, and that manuals can be easily updated in the future if required.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Solving your Part-NCC challenge is simple, straightforward and easy with Centrik Xpress. Contact us to find out how despite the ever-increasing red tape, it’s easy to be left free to fly.

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